Chai Ji's BBQ

CHAI JI'S BBQ Wife returns from work and demands tingling food from unprepared husband.  An angel drops in and helps the husband out, But alas...

A comedy
By :: Surinder Jain

Country of Origin: Australia
Audio tracks: English
Runtime: 14 mins
Producer: Surinder Jain

Price : Free
On DVD : $15 Aus

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A working wife returns home after a long day at work and demands non-working husband to cook something tingling in five minutes or else...  Husband is in a strife.  An angel comes and shows husband how to cook Besan in five minutes.

Before husband serves wife with Besan, he is asked to taste a small bite.  Hungry husband ends up eating all of it.  The husband's strife returns when wife calls out for brining the nice BBQ food that he has cooked for her.





A generation of women who were cooking three times a day for 10 or more people everyday for last 60 years are getting old.  This documentary captures the skills of one such octogenarian food expert in a humorous fashion.


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